Google PLUG – (Google Map Scrapping, Map Scrapper)


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The application allows scrapping the target customers from Google Maps.

  • Extracts important data from Google Maps
  • Extracts Business Name,Category, Email, Full Address, Phone, Rating, Website
  • EPerfect search by specific Keywords, same as done on Google Maps
  • Ready-to-use Google Maps Data Scraping Software to get started instantly
  • 100% Include Sourcecode and Install File
  • Support All Language
  • Support any City

Scraping Google maps can help with gathering large amount of data for businesses and used for lead generation campaigns. Using the automatic extraction feature that is available on almost all the extractors, such data can be gathered quickly and accurately.


The most powerful google maps scraping tool to instantly generate a ton of leads, anywhere in the world. This google maps extractor tool extracts name, address, phone number, email, website, social media links, reviews, current marketing pixels and more from companies.

We’re keeping the software up to date so you can keep on scraping despite any site changes.

Discover more sales opportunities and fill your funnel

This is the fastest way to extract valuable leads from businesses




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